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Viper antivirus or viper security is a brand of j2 global which develops various cyber security products. They are focused on endpoint and email security and make use of advanced threat intelligence applications to do this. The brand claims to be one of the best software for windows home users but it is available for android as well as iOS systems as well. It was originally founded in 1994 as Sunbelt software that was eventually acquired by GFI software in 2010. We have several popular software specifically designed for providing security against the most advanced threats that are found these days.
As the technology advances and more and more people are relying on the internet for all kinds of services they want, the threats on the digital world is increasing too. These days we have a lot of data which are sensitive on the internet and to ensure they are private and you do not get vulnerable to any threat, they must be secured. At viper antivirus we provide this efficiently through our various products and make sure the client is rendered happy with the end results. Antivirus software is not difficult to use when you are used to its features. Hence, we have an excellent customer service to make sure they are able to guide the clients and assist them to find the best solutions.
We can proudly claim to be the one stop solution for all kinds of help you want related to security issues that one faces online. Browser security, email security, end to end encryption and protection from all types of malware are provided through our variety of applications. PC, laptop or mobile, our software are available in versions that are suitable for all such devices. The best part is it will not make your device slow and lead to any malfunctioning, thus insuring that you are able to reap the maximum use out of your investment.

Some common issues that clients complain about with Vipre Antivirus

At our vipre customer care helpline number, we occasionally have numerous clients who complain about the trouble posed by the software. These complaints are treated with utmost priority and we try to make sure you get the necessary solution at the earliest. Rarely the complaints are about any technical issue that is solely a glitch in the system. However, if you do find a glitch, our technicians are more than happy to collect your feedback and then work on fixing it in the future versions. Below are few of the complains related to the functioning of the applications and the solutions to them so that you get an idea about the functioning of the software you are investing in.

Unresponsive device after installing the software

Many a times the operating system needs t restart for the software to run smoothly after installation. This is can usual process of installation and your device will automatically restart itself once the installation is complete. However, you may notice that the device is unresponsive to the functioning of the software even after it has been restarted. This results from the incompatibility of the software with your system. While purchasing the software, make sure you go through the hardware and operating system related specifications thoroughly. There are subtle differences which can hugely impact the functioning. For new users who are unable to process the various data on the website and get confused, we have a dedicated customer care number to seek suggestions regarding the right software version for your device.

Unable to scan the device automatically

You can set the scan schedule after a few weeks through the software and this cycle will continue till the subscription has expired. However, many clients complain that the routine scanning is not happening after a few months. This may indicate that your subscription has expired. Make sure you know the subscription period well and the validity date too. In case you are well within your subscription period, this may be an indication that the software version has not been upgraded. The periodic upgrade is essential to make sure your device functions smoothly and this is elemental to make your computer more secure. We have certified professionals providing excellent solution through the Vipre customer Care Number whenever you need it.

Facing trouble with spam emails

The antivirus software is specifically designed to provide solution against spam and email security issues. Hence, as an added precaution the software often recognizes certain types of email as spam and move them to the spam folder. However, in certain cases, important emails can also get marked as spam. The best way to avoid this is to tweak the settings of your spam detection so that the antivirus is able to detect the spam better. However, for many users who face this problem persistently, we have the Vipre Helpline Number where you can contact round the clock for any assistance that you want.

Why choose vipre antivirus?

There are several perks of using any antivirus software for getting the utmost protection for your offline as well as online activities. What sets vipre apart is its advanced design which is effective on the latest technological threats. We can proudly boast of millions of users and their dedication to our services. If you are one of them, you will know about the following perks that we give to our clients:

  • We have a wide range of products which are designed with the latest technology and at the same time are user-friendly too.
  • Our Vipre customer Support comprises of certified and well trained professionals who have a thorough understanding about the software and assist regarding any trouble that you face while using it.

We are just a call away should you need any product or assistance. The best way to make sure your device is well secured is installing a premium version of the antivirus software and we can provide you with the best. Feel free to choose any of our products and we can assure that you will be coming back to us for further renewal again.