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Quick Heal Antivirus Support

Be it a home user, small business owner or a giant IT firm, everyone needs internet and intranet security now. Security is not only needed to prevent our data from being hacked by outsiders, but also from preventing our data to be breached from inside. It is very important to have data integrity, immediate prevention, detection and removal of different types of viruses and malwares.
These viruses and malwares enter our system mostly via internet or USB drives. Thus, it is very important that Antivirus software provides us full security and trash functions against such viruses. If ignored, it can cause complete loss of data or information and many other complications.
Quick heal is one antivirus which sits perfectly under this definition. It provides us almost all features especially for home users. Quick heal provides home user solutions as ‘Quick Heal’ and enterprise solutions as ‘Seqrite’. Both are equally good for safety of your PC and network.

Let us have a look at the features of Quick Heal-Home Users:

  • Total Ransomware Protection
  • Malware Protection
  • File Vault
  • Web Security
  • Webcam Protection
  • Safe Banking
  • Advanced DNA Scan
  • Browser Sandbox
  • Firewall
  • Data Theft Protection
  • Features of Seqrite – Enterprise:

  • Enterprise Mobile Management
  • Endpoint and Datapoint Protection
  • Unified Theft Management

All these features come at a reasonable price which is affordable by every home user. Also, there are many different packages such as Total security / Antivirus Pro / Web security, etc. Each of the package has special features that make them distinct.
Quick Heal Customer Support
Quick Heal customer support service is exceptional. You will see Frequently Asked questions which will contact many general queries, installation issues solutions, Product key related solutions, update related queries and many more.
Our Support & Services Page on the website offers a database of ‘Knowledge base’, ‘How-To’, and Self Troubleshooting articles. 80% of the problems faced by users are solved here only. There are more than 50 articles present on this platform to help users find their solutions.
To reach to the support page, open the main website of Quick Heal on your PC/laptop/mobile. Hover your mouse on the ‘Support’ button. You will see following options:

  • Knowledge Base and Web Support
  • Contact Support
  • FAQs
  • Submit a Query
  • Discussion Forums
  • Locate Dealer
  • Product Key and Activation Information
  • Contact Support – Calling number
  • Similarly, you’ll find following support options on Seqrite website:

  • Tech Support Contact
  • Product FAQ
  • Knowledge Base and Web Support
  • Feature Request & Feedback
  • Offline Updater
  • Download Software

There are hardly any issues from users that go out of these options as Quick Heal software is properly designed and tested multiple times before releasing for users.
If your problem isn’t identified or solved by knowledge base, you can quickly login or register to the platform and submit your ticket. It takes less than a minute. Once done, our Quick Heal Customer Care team will quickly get into action to resolve your issues.
You can track the status of your ticket as our customer care hotlines are available 24*7 and we do not hang any of our customers.
Further, Seqrite customer care is another perk of Quick Heal customer care. Like home users, if you’re an enterprise user, you can find ample of How-to and troubleshooting answers on the portal, each one separated for different package that you choose to buy. It consists of Patch Management, Data security, Malware security, Ransomware, Hijacker, DNS Hacker related questions and solutions. There’s hardly any other antivirus which offers a high database to help users solve the issues they face.

Customer Care Forums and Call Support 24*7

For both, home users as well as Seqrite users, Forum is made available by Quick heal support team, which consists of database of hundreds of issues faced by users while using the security software.
If you’re unable to find the solution for any problem that you’re facing, in the knowledge base, you can register to the forum and post the query, issue with the screenshot. Our customer service will quickly dig deep in the issue and provide the solution as quick as possible. Also, the solution is made public (except related to user administration containing user details) so that other potential future users can get the benefit.
Also, there are many other users have got expertise in using the software, they also help each other with quick fixes without waiting.
Our customer care service is available 24*7 on call. Any problem you face as a home user or an enterprise user, Quick Heal Technical Support is just a call away.
For any updates and global issues and new features, you can always follow Quick Heal on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Blogs.

Common technical glitches faced in Quick Heal

There have been various problems faced by users of Quick Heal, but the number of issues that have caused security concerns are near to none. This has made Quick Heal as one of the best Antivirus in the industry. Let’s learn a few issues faced by users during usage or update.

1. System start up issue

Many users across the word have faced the issue that system doesn’t start after update or installation of new versions of software after 2016. It happens due to LNK based proactive detection being added in the security check during start up of PC. The solution is simple:

  1. Start PC in Safe Mode
  2. CMD > Admin Mode > Navigate to Quick Heal directory
  3. Use command: Quickup.exe /rollback
  4. Once it is complete, you may restart your computer normally. Issue will not rise again.

2 System freezing issue.

System freezing issue has occurred quite frequently for many of the users across the world (home users). In this issue, user PC hangs/ freezes during restart. Users of Quick Heal Antivirus Pro and Guardian NetSecure were affected by the issue. Following is the solution made available to users –

  1. Start PC in Safe Mode
  2. Download ‘DisableARW.zip’ from Quick Heal DLUpdate platform.
  3. Extract the file and run “DisableARW.reg”.
  4. Confirm to edit the registry file by clicking OK
  5. Restart your PC