Kaspersky Antivirus Services

Kaspersky Antivirus Services

In today's technology world, which is based on gadgets, computers, and mobile phones, the importance of security and safety is becoming important with every new sunrise. With the increase in security features in all domains, viruses and malware are also increasing at the same pace. Every day, new viruses and malware attack networks and lots of businesses suffer shock due to such activities.
Due to this, it is crucial to have security software that is updated to the latest security standards and patches. Kaspersky is one antivirus software that promises to fulfill this need. Kaspersky has been a known name for quite a while now. Its robust features have impacted many organizations and home users in providing secure networks and servers.
Kaspersky provides offline as well as online security from Web, external devices, and intranet. It offers different types of free as well as paid packages with various features. Also, it is available for all platforms, including Windows, Android, and Mac. Following packages are available with Kaspersky:

  • Kaspersky Anti-virus
  • Kaspersky Internet Security
  • Kaspersky Total Security

All of this software is available at a paid version. Although free 30-day trial for all is also available for users. Kaspersky Security Cloud and VPN Connection security are available for free download at the Kaspersky website. Protection by Kaspersky has proved to be valuable and useful in recent years.

    Following are the features of Kaspersky Anti-virus:

  • Block Viruses and Malware
  • Blocks Crypto lockers
  • Protection of online payments
  • Password, document, music and image security
  • Prevents Webcam spy
  • Advanced Parental controls
  • VPN security
  • Cloud security
  • Safe browsing

As per the features, it is one of the best software in the market for home users.

Kaspersky Paid Packages

Kaspersky offers Anti-virus at Rs 479.20, while Internet Security at 699 and Total Security at Rs 1396. It is one of the most reasonable Antivirus protection applications in the market with the highest quality standards and performance.

Kaspersky Customer Support

To provide users with knowledge about the use of software, a Resource center is available on the Kaspersky website, which helps users in all kinds of installation and usage-related queries and guides.

There are three types of support mechanism provided by customer care:

  • For Home and mobile
  • For Businesses
  • Security Tips (for Home as well as business)

To understand the usage and installation-uninstallation guides, a knowledge base is available, which can be accessed by all users anytime. Along with this, How-To videos are also available, which are comprehensive and detailed to help users with the use.
Consumer support contact numbers are provided for business as well as Home, which contain three types of contacts – Purchasing and license, Application use, and Security advice. With the help of a virtual assistant, you can ask your query anytime, and the immediate answer will be provided. Assistance is available for 24*7.
Also, you can chat with an expert in case you're not satisfied with the virtual assistant. If your issues are complex but non-urgent, you can submit a request which will be solved within the minimum time limit. Also, if you need urgent support for burning issues that are halting your work or sudden threat to your PC, you can always directly call the customer care. Calling hours are available Mon-Fri, 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. Most of the queries of users are already solved at this time.

Community and Blog support

Community is provided to all users to help them put their issues and get support from customer care as well as discuss problems and discoveries with fellow users. More than 1800 queries are available on the community, which is all solved by the Kaspersky team.
Also, the different community is available for different versions of the software, such as security cloud and Total security.
Also, Kaspersky Fan Club is one unique perk of this application. You can join the Fan Club, and you'll receive much information, discoveries, and updates about the working of the software.

Kaspersky Business Support Customer Care

Kaspersky is providing extensive support for its business clients, which purchase enterprise versions for Windows and Mac.

There are different knowledge base libraries available for the following versions:

  • Endpoint security for Windows and Linux
  • Security for Windows server
  • Small office security
  • Endpoint security for Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Mail servers
  • Internet gateways
  • Administration
  • Collaboration server
  • ATM and POS terminal
  • Virtual Environment
  • Threat intelligence

For each of these topics, there are extensive divisions such as – version info, notifications, reports, updates, settings, licensing troubleshooting, safety 101, and many other divisions. There are very fewer chances that the solution for your issue or query is not available in this extensive library.
If you're an enterprise user and having any issue, customer care hotlines are just a call away at specific hours.

Security Tips from the Customer support team

Kaspersky's customer support team keeps uploading various tools and guides for users to help them keep up with different variations in the industry. You can download multiple means of decryption, such as Rector Decrypter, Xorist decrypter, and many other tools. Also, there are tools available for system recoveries such as rescue disk and virus removal tool.

Recent Glitches in Kaspersky Anti-virus

Kaspersky slows the system: Even though Kaspersky portrays no-slowing of the system as a feature, some users have faced slowing down of the PC due to Kaspersky application's presence in the system. Due to continuous scanning in the background, it consumes a lot of space on RAM, which ultimately slows down the system.

There are few other issues such as –

  • Antivirus Error 27300 subject – incomplete installation or incomplete update
  • Dot net framework error
  • Hindering and slowing down Gmail
  • Error 1719 – due to improper installation
  • Android App not working
  • Antivirus not working

Solving every issue is not everyone's cup of tea. Users can answer a few problems, but some issues are complex and need the expertise to understand the cause and solve it. If you're one of the users, who face any problem that's not solvable at your end, we, as a Kaspersky Technical Support Number unit, are always available for your support to solve your problems. Please get in touch with us, and once we collect all the details, we will perform at our best capacity to resolve the issues.