Avast Not Working on Windows 10

Antivirus is a softwarewhich helps to detect viruses and infected files in a computer and then helps to get rid of them.If a virus gets into a computer, it replicates and multiples infected files inside your system. It does not have any parameter on how much to spread or cause damage. It can destroy your system completely. There is a way by which user can prevent all these damages, install Avast antivirus and user’s computer will be free of viruses. The software is very efficient and useful for new plus advanced users. Recently after the latest update for Windows 10 there has been an issue where user is not able to work or operate Avast on Windows 10. Due to the reason there are many users who are not sure about downloading any content from the web or copy a file from a hard drive. If user are going through the issue where Avast is not working on Windows 10 than please follow the instruction and suggestion in the following content.

Steps to follow if Windows 10 is preventing users from Installing Avast Antivirus.

Complaints which are made by the users where Avast is not working after installation. Below there are several problems mentioned by the users.

  • Not able to load Avast after installing: Users have installed the software, but at the end of the installation, some error pops out which spoils the installation process.
  • Due to infected files or virus: Most of the system already has virus in the system due to which antivirus proves is not valid or not working.
  • Avast will not install: As user try to run the installation file, message pops out for cancellation or some sort of error.
  • Blockade due to third party application: If there are other such software installed in your computer than the computer will not allow other antivirus to be installed.

The ways to make Avast work on Windows 10

First thing is to remove, uninstall any other antivirus installed in your system. It is always considered that two antiviruses will not perform correctly. In some case or system if two antiviruses are installed than the computer will be hanged and will not operate but not in all cases.There are also cases where user is not aware about if there is a antivirus installed in their computer or not. To verify user will have to go to control panel, add or remove programs and check if any anti-virus ins installed.

The next step is to turn off the Windows Defender.

Windows defenders is the inbuilt security tool which helps to protect your Windows. If there are no other anti-virus installed and even if it is causing issues than windows defender might hold back some features. To turn off the windows defender follow the given steps.

  • Head to your Setting App and click on Update and Security.
  • Next open the Windows defender security center.
  • Click on Start action -Virus and threat protection
  • User will have to uncheck Real-time protection

One of the most important point is to check whether the antivirus is compatible with Windows 10 or not. Since there are number of operating systems, software is designed according to the System architecture.

With the following procedure user will be able to make Avast work on Windows 10. If there are any questions on Avast antivirus than feel free to give us a call at our Avast Customer Support Number 1-855-617-9111.

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