AAVG Antivirus Setup Problem

AVG Antivirus Setup Problem

AVG Antivirus Setup Problem

AVG Antivirus is a well know antivirus software which has a very well detection features for viruses. It does helps to clean off viruses from the web activities as well as from the system. The anti-virus software was built by the AVG Technologies which is a subsidiary of Avast. It is now available for Windows, macOs and android. It is very essential to keep our device clean and virus free. If there is a detection of virus than it may cause loads of trouble for the user. AVG Antivirus will not let any of the virus get into your system.In the latest update for AVG Antivirus there has been various complaints made by users where problem have been detected while setting up AVG Antivirus. User are not aware about the issue and cannot install the software

Process for resetting Setup process for AVG Antivirus

It is recommended for user to operate with repair tool if the setup is causing problem while installing. It is also recommended if some of the feature are not working users to use the repair option. The list is mentioned below for solving the issue.

  1. Software setup issues.
  2. Feature not functioning correctly
  3. Update issue with AVG Antivirus

After the repair process it will reset all of the configuration which has been saved in the earlier settings. In the process it will fix the issue and program files which are out dated, corrupted or missing from the system. In order to setup your AVG Antivirus please follow the instruction provided and mentioned below.

Windows 10

  1. User will have to log in as a user with administrator permission. In the following process user must check if there are any other antivirus is installed, if yes than stop or remove the program.
  2. Click on the Windows icon button in your keyboard, next click on Apps and feature from the menu.
  3. User must make sure that the Apps and feature is selected on the left panel. Click on the AVG Antivirus and select Uninstall. The software will re ensure if user wants to uninstall the software, confirm by clicking on uninstall.
  4. In some case there will be a dialogue box appearing which is from User Account Control for permission, click on yes.
  5. In the next dialogue box it will appear the message from SVG which says, do you have any problem with AVG?
  6. User will have to click on Repair.
  7. After the process user will have to wait until the setup repairs AVG Antivirus on your PC.
  8. After the process is completed click on Done.

After the process is completed, re launch the software setup and install it. I the following way user will be able to rest the process for AVG Antivirus setup. If users follow the steps it will be very easy for users to reset the process.It is always best to check the condition of your Anti-Virus. Now let’s check out the process for Windows 8.

Windows 8

  1. The process is same as logging in as a user with administrator permission and make sure that no other application or antivirus is running.
  2. Next user will have to click on Win key and X together. After that click on Programs and Features from Windows menu.
  3. User will have to right click on the version of AVG Antivirus. From the drop down list next click on Uninstall.
  4. User Account Control dialogue box will be prompted in which permission will be asked to users. Simply click on Yes.
  5. Next SVG set up wizard will appear. In the following wizard user will find Repair and change button.
  6. Click on Repair Button.
  7. After clicking at repair user will have to wait until the setup gets completed.
  8. After completing the process click on Done.

For more information on AVG Antivirus please contact us in our AVG Technical Support Service for AVG 1-855-617-9111.